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We trust and believe that our patients are the best judges when it comes to their experience at our office with your Tallahassee FL dentist. That’s why we’ve provided several testimonials below, so you have the opportunity to read real reviews from our patients who have visited our dental office.

The crown I had done last week was the easiest of the four I've had done in the decade! He was so dear in answering my questions on tooth implants, I decided to do it and chose him!

- Linda

I'm writing you now because during this past year i have realized how pleased I am w/your work. W/my job in a Human Resources Office I have many interactions with the public as a well as company employees. W/this in mind, It's very important to me to look my best & w/your help and excellent work I do. Outstanding job, Dr. Baig! By you & your staff at Smileline Dentistry!!

- Barbara

I enourage any of you who are afraid of the dentist to please go Dr. Baig is the reason I'm writing this today.In the process of having two caps, and prior a partial, I showed Dr. Baig a spot under my partial that was sore.He referred me to Dr. Sam, Dr.Tolley's partner for a biopsy.Since the diagnosis in April of Squamous Cell Carcinoma,I have had surgery and am on my way to defeating cancer. Trust Dr. Baig & his staff.They care about your oral health.Ask for a cancer screening.

- Sheila Parker

Outstanding in every way! I am very thankful for Dr. Baig's excellent dental care and expertise. His staff is also efficient, friendly, and helpful. Gary has been my hygienist for many years, keeping me smiling with clean teeth and healthy gums. Thanks so much to everyone at Smileline Dental!

- Vivian Miller

Last year I contacted your office needing some emergency dental work for a bridge replacement. Your staff responded immediately to get the services I needed & and quickly as possible. You were very sensitive to my personal needs & treated me as if I was your only patient that day. I truly appreciated the special treatment. Moreover, not only did you take time to give me the details of the process, you explained my options, pros & cons, which are very meaningful to me.

- Barbara

I want to thank Dr. Baig for caring for my children and my mother for the the last almost 5 years. His communication skill and dexterity improve with each visit.

- Linda M.

I can not describe my happiness! Truly I am all smiles. Since I walked out of your dental operatory a few minutes ago I keep looking at my new front teeth in the mirror and smiling. It was not an easy decision-even if I had major crooked front tooth plus a few other ugly ones. After all they had been my teeth all my life and friends would always say my crooked tooth was my charm.

- Shiela Carlson

The best dentist and staff ever.

- T. Lewis

The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Great experience. Staff was very customer oriented.

- Anonymous

Dr. Baig and his staff are super professionals who crafted and replaced the bridge for the front-upper of my teeth. His work was so great, my I now easily smile wide with confidence and have received my positive comments. Glowing comments were also received, repeatedly I must add from my Periodontist, Dr. Baldock, and his staff during my many visits there, that re-enforced my confidence whenever I smiled.

Thank you, Dr Baig and your staff, for the wonderful work you accomplished on my bridge and in returning my smile.

- Brenda A Smith

I came across Smileline Dental after some other dentists in the area told me it'd be six months before they could see me. Glad they did, though!

I made a new-patient appointment and was scheduled for a week away. With state employee insurance, you have to do x-ray/consultation and cleanings on two different appointments. X-rays and consultation took 15 minutes tops - blood pressure, x-rays and a consultation with the doctor was painless. Dr. Baig is nice and the dental hygienist was friendly and kind.

I scheduled my cleaning for a week after that, showed up at 9:40 for a 10 AM appointment and was seen immediately and was out the door by 10:15. The cleaning was intense - not a comfortable 8-10 minutes but it got the job done! $45 co-pay with state insurance for the gum irrigation given at the end of treatment.

On Miccosukkee Commons behind Zimmerman. Easy parking, comfy waiting room and kind employees!

- Kate M.

Superb service, very friendly staff. I am very happy with the services this place provides. I switched from coastal dental to this place and am so thankful I did. If you are tired of the run around and lookin for a dentist that has time for you, this is the place to go to.

- Jarrod H.

Me and my son have been going here for a few years now and we love it! The staff is great and they really care about their customers. Great location and easy to get to.

- LaQuata W.

I am so pleased with the work that Dr. Shaik has done for my smile. He really really take pride in his work. DR. Shaik and his staff was excellent, I didn't have to wait very long after my appointment time, and they were very good at getting the me back to see the Doctor. I came to Dr. Shaik after searching for months for a dentist to fix the emergency I needed done. I went to 2 to 3 different faciities and all I got was taking advantage of, spent money for services that didnt help my situation at all. I came to Smile line Dental, on my first initial visit, I was completely, completely Satisfied. I walk in with a frown and ended up with my S.m.i.l.e back. I can't express how happy I am to not have to hide behind my hands anymore, or not smiling at all. I'm eternally greatful. Thank you so much!

- Charlene S.

Awesome, knowledgeable and friendly staff. They are very professional and I always get reminders and courtesy calls about my appointments. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now (an experience most people dread) and have been here several times. I'm satisfied every visit and leave knowing that my dental issues have been solved. I highly recommend Smileline!

- Tinza Hill

My opinion of Smile Line and Dr. Shaike is excellent. My previous dentist took literally 6-7 months to get appointment, disorganized, and never would call you back (not to mention how long I would have to sit in the waiting room). I finally had enough after finding billing discrepancies and decided to switch to Smileline (I know how dental insurance works and how long it takes to switch, hassles, etc... which is the reason I waited so long to change dentist) Anyways.. Smileline was able to schedule appointments quickly and when I arrived, I only waited a few minutes b/f they got to work. Dr. Shaike did a great job and I could see that he was taking extra time to make sure his work was done correctly (I like having a perfectionist do work for me). I don't have a ton of extra money (which is why I pay for dental insurance), and Smileline discussed the different options and the amount of co-pays required by my insurance. I was hesitant to trust them after my experience with my last dentist, so I checked with my dental insurance company on the charges (not fun dealing with insurance companies, but eventually I verified everything from Smileline as 100% accurate). The dental assistants and staff are excellent.

I highly recommend this dentist.

- Steve B

Smile line Dental is a great office! Dr Baig is an excellent dentist--precise, thorough, and up on the latest dental techniques. I have extremely pleased with the dental procedures I've had there over the past 5 years.

- Katie Simmons

I called to schedule an appointment for me and my son - the lady I spoke with on the phone was very patient and professional. Looking forward to our second visit.

- Tammy Philcox

Dr. Shaike was the best

- Brianna Lynch

I am very impressed with this office! Lisa was excellent at getting me in quickly, Sylvia handled me with kid's gloves and was extremely patient, and Dr Shaike was wonderful! He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but I respect him for being honest and professional. He has excellent bedside manner! Very soft and gentle. Thanks to Smileline Dental, I can fearlessly get some much needed dental work done!

- Alison Courtney

I have been a patient of Dr. Baig at Smile Line Dental for a number of years. He has been through the years professional, competent, and conscientious. I am moved to write this at this time because I have just completed an implant procedure. I am completely satisfied. I also would like to give shout outs for Dr. Baig’s assistant, Jazz, and hygienist, Gary.

- Robert Gutierrez

Amazing Dentistry. Staff was professional and nice. Very friendly, and organized. Dr. Baig was friendly and informative. In and out quickly... I made a great choice!!!

- Romeo McDaniel

So I went back today for my first real work. Root canal is about as bad as it gets. It was so simple and easy! Dr Shaike is so mild mannered and calm! His direction is simple and clear. Open, don't close. It took longer than anticipated, but was done right! My temp crown is wonderful! I get whitened before the real one gets ordered. Josh assisted today. I laughed too much to be stressed. I spent all afternoon at the office between a comp exam and a root canal/crown. Happy doesn't start to describe me! I am so very grateful to have a Dentist and staff I trust to do this much needed work! I can smile again!!! I am very impressed with this office! Lisa was excellent at getting me in quickly, Sylvia handled me with kid's gloves and was extremely patient, and Dr Shaike was wonderful! He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but I respect him for being honest and professional. He has excellent bedside manner! Very soft and gentle. Thanks to Smileline Dental, I can fearlessly get some much needed dental work done!

- Allison Courney

Had a great experience so far with Smileline Dental. Can be a little difficult to schedule an appointment, but that goes with every dental or doctors office. Otherwise no complaints. I had four fillings done with Dr Shaike, and had no problems. They were quick and easy without anesthesia, although they were small cavities. I was even given a detailed estimate of all the costs in advance, prior to scheduling the appointment for the fillings.

- Sean O'Donnell

Wanted to write this review to thank Dr. Baig and staff for their help. My husband and I had extensive dental work done and could not be more pleased! We have beautiful smiles now thanks to their care.. I'm thankful for every person in this office for making us feel so comfortable and well taken care!
Thanks Guys... You're the Best!

- Bev A.

Excellent service. Moved to tally area didn't know any good dentist, some one recommended him. Very courteous and professional all around. From basic cleaning to hard core extractions. My whole family is their client now. Dr. Baig is very professional and experienced. Offers the best of his abilities and experiences to save a tooth or the best solution. I'm very satisfied with their services. I highly recommend them.

- Abid W

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