Helpful Information and Tips for Your Dental Office in Tallahassee FL

New Patients:
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out your paperwork and please make sure to bring photo ID, Insurance Card, and Medications List. (Please make sure to have all of the Primary Card holder’s information to include Date of Birth, Full name and SSN.)
Our New Patient forms are available on our Website for your convenience.
Returning Patients:
Personal Information:
Please notify the receptionist of any changes in your personal information to include; address, phone numbers, medical history changes. Especially if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.
Restorative Procedures:

- Please make sure to eat prior to your visit, especially if you will be in the chair for a long appointment

- Please make sure to take all of your medications at their scheduled times unless otherwise directed by your physician.

- If you take a pre-medication (antibiotic) before dental treatment please make sure to take at least one hour prior to your appointment.

During your appointment:

- Please feel free to use your MP3 player, IPod, or other devices to listen to music, audiobooks, etc. while in the chair.

- We will offer you a chance to stand and stretch or a bottle of cold water.

- Our office does provide a blanket if you are cold as we keep the office cool. Also, we can dim the lighting in each room if you would like to rest while you wait.

Please notify your dental assistant or hygienist if you have a subsequent appointment and she/he will notify Dr. Baig so that we can make sure that your procedure is completed in time for you to make your next appointment.
As always we appreciate your input. So if you have any suggestions or comments on how to improve your experience please fill out one of our comment cards in the lobby or visit our website.
Thank you!

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