Not only does your dentist in Tallahassee want to help improve your oral and dental health during your visits, but we also want to contribute outside of our office. When you're not at our practice, you may have questions or concerns about your smile, which is why we write a collection of blogs that we feel will help improve your dental knowledge.


Below, we've archived our blogs from 2016, including the list of topics underneath each month. If you have any questions about the topics, if you'd like to suggest a topic of your own, or if you'd like to schedule an appointment with us at Smileline Dental, simply call our practice at (850) 222-3858 and speak with our welcoming and helpful front desk.


January 2016

  • National Children's Dental Health Month


February 2016

  • Kick the Soda Habit
  • Diabetes and Oral Health
  • National Nutrition Month
  • Stay Aware of Dental Health


March 2016

  • America's Daily Dose of Sugar
  • Strong Tips for a Strong Smile
  • Eating Disorders and Oral Health


April 2016

  • Benefits of Endodontics


May 2016

  • Dental Implant FAQs


July 2016

  • Brush Maintenance
  • Smileline Beats Sensitivity
  • Choose Composite over Amalgam
  • Confident New Smiles


August 2016

  • Whitening at Home
  • All about Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Tallahassee FL Endodontics


September 2016

  • Clear Sight to a New Smile
  • Battle All Forms of Gum Disease
  • Correct Your Smile Today!


October 2016

  • Family Dentistry for Tallahassee


November 2016

  • Who Needs Dental Implants
  • A Healthy Smile for You & Your Family
  • Do You Need an Extraction?


December 2016

  • Advantages of Clear Braces
  • How Does ClearCorrect Work?

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